• Producing world class graduates since 1913

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Welcome to Mary Chiles College

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Welcome to Mary Chiles College!


Thank you for visiting us. Not everyone might have known that (MCC) Mary Chiles College has been in existence since 1913. Through the years, our school has been producing world class graduates who have been working as nurses, respiratory therapists, midwives, and caregivers in the Philippines, Middle East and the continents of America, Australia, Asia and Europe.

MCC is an established institution of health care professionals: We are the first to offer Respiratory Therapy education and one of the pioneers of Nursing and Midwifery education in the Philippines.

Our training has been acknowledged by our very own graduates as one of the best in the country. The hands-on training of our students in our base hospital, the Mary Chiles Hospital, and other top affiliating institutions in the country provide them opportunity to apply scientific principles and practical experiences in the mastery of skills. Outstanding clinical skills has been a trademark of MCC graduates all over the world.

To produce excellent graduates has always been our mission. Products of our outstanding training and education in the 21st century are Kurtz Rasos and Rosilyn Gaw who both ranked 5th in the nursing and midwifery licensure exams respectively.

Today, MCC is continuously updating and upgrading their curriculum and facilities to maintain the college's global standards in healthcare education and training.